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Type Of Product Label
Fell Rider 3.4% ABV – Pale Ale
Dive into a world of flavour with our hoppy session...
Swan Blonde 4% ABV – Pale Ale
Our best-selling beer, Swan Blonde is a delicious, light and...
Swan Black Bottle
Swan Black 4.6% ABV – Black IPA
From: £18.00
A rich, chocolatey sweetness is paired with subtle citrus notes...
Swan Blonde BottleSwan Gold with Glass
Swan Gold 4.2% ABV – Golden Ale
From: £17.50
With smooth floral hints of apricot, lime and peach, this...
Bottle Opener
Crack open your beer with style using our unique bottle...
Steamer IPA 5.7% ABV – American IPA
From: £21.00
An award-winning American-style IPA, Steamer owes its smooth taste profile...
Raven Red BottleRaven Red with Glass
Raven Red 4.2% ABV – Red Ale
From: £17.50
Treacle caramel flavours and a hint of roasted barley are...
Fell Walker Pale Ale BottleFell Walker Pale Ale Bottle with Glass
Fell Walker 4.1% ABV – Pale Ale – Gluten Free
From: £17.50
A traditional, thirst-quenching golden ale brewed with a combination of...
Fell Runner Blonde Ale BottleFell Runner Blonde Ale Bottle with glass
Fell Runner 4.6% ABV – Golden Ale
From: £18.00
This ale uses a blend of Cascade, Simcoe, and Citra...
Midlife Crisis IPA BottleMidlife Crisis IPA with Glass
Out of stock
Midlife Crisis 4.5% ABV – English IPA
This traditional English IPA is brewed with UK grown Cascade...
Senior Moment Best Bitter BottleSenior Moment Best Bitter with Glass
Out of stock
Senior Moment 3.9% ABV – Amber Bitter
Well-rounded amber bitter with a robust bitterness balanced by a...
Middle-Aged Spread Stout BottleMiddle-Aged Spread Stout with Glass
Out of stock
Middle Aged Spread 5.2% ABV – Stout
A black malty ale with strong roasted coffee and dark...
Lakes Lager 5% ABV – Lager
From: £18.80
A light bohemian-style lager beer with a hoppy flavour. This...
Helles Lager 5% ABV – Lager
From: £20.50
A great combination with a touch of sweetness, balanced with...
Swan Free Pale Ale BottleSwan Free Pale Ale with Glass
Swan Free Pale Ale 0.5% ABV – Low Alcohol Pale Ale
An American triple hopped session IPA with a difference. Modern...
Swan Free Craft Lager BottleSwan Free Craft Later with Glass
Swan Free Craft Lager 0.5% ABV – Low Alcohol Lager
Czech Pilsner style with a classic continental bite and an...
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