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About Us

Many years ago the passion for brewing beer spurred me on to follow my dream and start my own brewery. Today, we are a most successful regional brewery with an award-winning range of magnificent beers, a tap house and events business. Dreams can come true. -Richard, owner
Richard Husbands Director

We proudly present

Bowness Bay Brewing has built an enviable reputation for the consistent taste and quality of our ales and lagers. We are constantly on the look out for the best ingredients and new ideas, whilst not losing sight of our customers’ favourites. Swan Blonde for example was one of the first beers we ever brewed and to this day it remains to be one of our most popular pale ales. Since then we have had a number of award-winning additions to the Bowness Bay family, such as Swan Free and Steamer IPA , both of which were awarded bronze at the highly regarded World Beer Awards and Helles Lager, which received a prestigious silver award.

The secret to our unique taste & quality

Our semi-automatic, four-vessel steam-heated brewhouse has the capacity to produce 30,000 litres per week. Sounds great, looks great and brews great! It also gives us the flexibility to meet the ever-increasing demand from our customers.

Producing cask, keg and bottled ales and lagers, we owe the consistency of our beer to our two live strains of wet yeast: one for lager and one for ale. Carefully selected for their subtle taste profiles, they’ve been nurtured over several years and give our beers that delicate, soft feel in the mouth.

But we have one more trick up our sleeves for the unique taste of our beers: The ultra-soft Lake District water is the secret to the exceptional smoothness of our beers.

The Barrel House Beers Image

How to enjoy our beer

Well, perhaps just try a pint and enjoy it. Many local shops around the Lake District proudly sell our beers and of course you can buy the full range from our online shop right here. If you fancy coming to the place where it’s all being made, visit our brewery and order a fresh pint in our very own tap room, The Barrel House. It is located directly next to the brewery and offers a relaxed indoor space as well as heated outdoor seating for those long lush summer evenings (and the less lush ones too).

Where you find us

You can find us at Castle Mills in Kendal, a former industrial and manufacturing centre that has been transformed into a hub for artisan makers and producers.