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Crafting Dreams into Brews at Bowness Bay Brewery

Cheers to making dreams come true!

As we reflect on the journey that started with a passionate dream, Bowness Bay Brewing takes immense pride in the success that has unfolded over

the years. Richard’s unwavering dedication and commitment to brewing excellence have not only shaped the identity of our brewery but have also resonated with beer enthusiasts far and wide.

As we continue to craft exceptional ales and lagers in the heart of Kendal, our commitment to using the finest ingredients and embracing innovative ideas remains at the core of our brewing philosophy. Swan Blonde, our inaugural brew, remains a timeless favourite, symbolising the artistry and dedication that defines Bowness Bay Brewing.

The accolades bestowed upon Swan Free, Steamer IPA, and Helles Lager at the World Beer Awards are a testament to the exceptional quality of our diverse offerings.

This year, we stand proud as Fell Walker clinched the coveted gold at the esteemed World Beer Awards. This achievement not only marks a new milestone for Bowness Bay Brewing but also serves as an embodiment of our continuous pursuit of pushing boundaries and setting the bar higher in the world of brewing.

As we raise our glasses to the journey so far, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our patrons, whose support has been instrumental in our success. Here’s to the dreamers, the brewers, and the beer lovers who make Bowness Bay Brewing a cherished part of the brewing community.

Richard Husbands Director