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Beer Type: Cask

Swan Blonde

Swan Blonde

Our best-selling beer, Swan Blonde is a delicious, light and crisp pale ale. It’s bursting with flavour, thanks to the extra pale malts and hops with a citrusy and tropical fruit profile.

Swan Black

Swan Black Swan Black Label

A rich, chocolatey sweetness is paired with subtle citrus notes in this black IPA. Expect a distinct, toasty and dark malt character from this hoppy beer.

Swan Gold

Swan Gold Swan Gold Label

This golden beauty enchants you with smooth floral hints of apricot, lime and peach, an irresistible British aroma combined with all the The ultimate refresher, this golden ale has hints of apricot, lime and peach. Its irresistible aroma is combined with the freshness of our Lakeland spring water.

Steamer IPA

Steamer IPA

An award-winning American-style IPA, Steamer owes its smooth taste profile and golden colour to a delicious blend of citrusy hops and caramel malts. Awarded Bronze in the World Beer Awards 2021.

Raven Red

Raven Red Raven Red Label

Treacle caramel flavours and a hint of roasted barley are blended with New World Citra and Columbus hops, which infuse this red ale with a balanced grapefruit aroma.

Swift Best

Swift Best Swift Best Label

Full and rounded, Swift Best has a creamy caramel base to match its hop character. Made with crystal malt and a secret blend of hops, this is a smooth, flavoursome and moreish beer.

Fell Walker

Fell Walker Fell Walker Pale Ale Label

A traditional, thirst-quenching golden ale brewed with a combination of European and English hops. A mellow bitterness is the background to a crisp citrus aroma