Bar Hire

Bar Hire

We have a variety of bars available to hire for your event. We can provide a bar with pumps, clips, chillers and more, as well as various casks or larger to quench even the thirstiest party goers.
Depending on which option you choose, we are even able to provide staff for the bar!


We can offer the ideal solution to help you create the perfect party at for your event.
We will deliver bars from 6 in length to 18 in length that will cater for any event such as Charity Events, Sports Events, Equestrian, Music Events, Food Festivals etc.
You can either have just our real ales or a combination of real ale and keg lager.
We will give you on site instructions on how to operate the equipment and pull the perfect pint.

We would be happy to work with you to help organise the event
wherever possible and we are able to discuss just what products you would like sold.

For information on prices and where we can help please contact us on:

m: 07823 347763